From blank page to fully loaded website

How does it work? How does a blank page, an idea, turn into the final product?

Is it as easy as you telling me you want a website, waving a magic wand and suddenly it appears, well it can feel like it, but in reality lots of thought and processes go into getting the finalised site perfect for you. Let me worry about the small stuff so you don’t have to and you can keep worrying about the big stuff, like your business instead!

So how does it work? How do you get yourself a website? Simple, just 5 easy steps…

1. Meet me for an informal chat about your ideas – this can be face to face, over the phone, via Skype, however you like, just so I can get a clear understanding of your needs.

2. Show me your content. In order to make a personalised and unique site that caters to your needs, the design should be based around your content. This includes all copy and images. If you don’t have any content yet, no worries, I can help you out or point you in the right direction to a decent graphic designer and copyrighter or even give you some ideas on what to write yourself.

3. Find a host and domain name.
You are hosting your own little space on the internet, like renting land to build your house on. The website is the house, the domain name (for example is the house number and street name, the hosting is the land you are renting to have that bit of land to have the house on. If you don’t already have either of these I can help and recommend you a company I use to host all my own sites.

4. Time for me to use that magic wand and create a mock-up and visual concept of what your site could look like. Following approval from you, including any changes you have made, I will start to develop the website based on the mock up.

5. Completion of the website and seeing it go live on the internet! Hooray! Happiness all round 🙂

Easy as that! So what’s stopping you from getting the web presence you need today! Contact me now to have a chat about what I can do for you and how I can build you a wonderful custom site that will improve your business.

About Natalie

I am an expert Wordpress website developer who will work with and listen to you from the first idea and blank page all the way through to the final page, to build an impressive and wonderful site that suits all your needs.